Light Explorer Specifications

General specifications
Measurement wavelength   600 to 1700nm
Max. wavelength resolution   0.02nm
Min. wavelength resolution   2nm
Wavelength resolution accuracy (Res:0.1nm)   ±4% (1520 to 1620nm, res correct on)
Wavelength accuracy   ±0.02nm (1520 to 1580nm)
Dynamic range (Peak±0.4nm, Res:max)   Typ. 70dB
Dynamic range (Peak±0.2nm, Res:max)   Typ. 60dB
Measurement level range (Attn off)   -90 to +20dBm (1300 to 1620nm)
Level accuracy   ±0.4 dB (1.31/1.55)
Max. sampling points   50001
Trace display   7 individual Traces (3 calculate trace)
Trace zoom   Yes; by mouse
Display   10.4inch SVGA color LCD
Remote Interface   GP-IB (IEEE488.1&2), RS-232C, LAN(Remote)
Instrument driver   Labview
Mouse/Keyboard interface   Yes (USB, PS/2)
Memory   USB, Internal memory
Optical connector   Universal (FC,SC,ST)
MMF support   GI50 & GI62.5